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Hi! I'm Hannah.

I am REP’s registered Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and a Dance Teacher. (Membership No.R0190031).​


I trained as a dancer and spent almost 10 years travelling the world on cruise ships working as the Lead Vocalist & Dance Captain in the on-board production shows. I have also been a Guest Artist for Saga and Crystal Cruises and I have performed in UK tours, worked in cabaret troupes and in large hotel chains. 

A brief background on me, after being a professional dancer for 15 years, I then moved into the fitness & wellbeing industry. The main reason for this was due to cancer. 

I had ovarian cancer in 2008 and womb cancer in 2015. 

It was during my cancer journey that I started working more in fitness.

As I approached each cancer surgery, I tried to stay as fit as possible. Even though some symptoms gave me discomfort and prevented some movements, I did my best to keep strong and healthy. Not only did I feel the physical benefits but I found that fitness helped me have a more positive outlook and a stronger mind-set during really challenging times. It felt like a lot was against me but that was the area that felt I could take control of and focus on. Plus, getting the endorphins buzzing also helped me feel a lot better inside! I believe it also helped aid my recovery too.

I now work as a personal trainer and as fitness instructor with my own classes. My passion is making people feel fitter, stronger and better about themselves.

I believe fitness and wellbeing should be part of everyday life. It shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should feel FUN! And, it should be something that ANYONE can do. 

I want to help you to achieve your goals and stay motivated to maintain them.

We are all running this race called ‘life’ and we all want to make it to the finish line.

Exercise makes our hearts fitter, our lungs more efficient and our muscles stronger - these are key things to help keep us healthier for longer.

Give it a go – your body will thank you for it! x



- Level 4 Pulmonary Rehabilitation -

- Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation - 

- Level 3 Personal Trainer - 

- Level 3 Pilates Instructor -

- Level 3 Pre & Post-Natal Instructor -

- Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions -

- Level 2 Gym Instructor -

- Dance Exercise -

- IDTA Dance Teacher in Freestyle, Latin, Waltz & Quickstep - 

- Boogie Bounce Instructor -

- Acrobatic Arts Teacher -

- Boxercise & Kickboxercise Instructor -

- Deep Water Exercise -

- Shallow Water Exercise -

- Les Mills Barre - 

 - Les Mills Bodystep -

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