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Fitness Classes


It's an aerobic workout for everyone involving different dance styles! The overall intensity of a class varies depending on the dance style you're doing. The class provides peaks and troughs of intensity - all set to upbeat music from different decades. It’s guaranteed to get the body moving, the heart pumping and make you smile!



Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasises proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.

Classes are for Beginners up to Advanced level. I also offer 1:1 training.



Strengthen, stretch, tone, work on your balance and improve your core strength.

A flowing class, in a relaxing atmosphere and all choreographed to music. COMING SOON!


Monday 12pm - Aqua Fit - UKSA, Cowes
Monday - 5:45pm - Dance Fitness - Cowes Baptist Church
Monday - 7pm - Pilates (Mixed Ability) - Cowes Baptist Church

Tuesday - 9:30am - Pilates Flow - ONLINE via Zoom
Tuesday - 10:30am - Dance Fitness 
ONLINE via Zoom

Wednesday 9:30am - Dance Fitness - I.O.W. Community Club, Cowes 
Wednesday 10:45am - Pilates (Mixed Ability) I.O.W. Community Club, Cowes
Wednesday 6:15pm - Dance Fitness - Freshwater Memorial Hall

Thursday - 10am - Dance & Tone Cowes Baptist Church
Friday 10am - Pilates (Intermediate) - Choyd Hall, Yarmouth
Friday 11am - Pilates (Beginners/Improvers) -
Choyd Hall, Yarmouth
Friday 12:45pm - Aqua Fit - UKSA, Cowes

For my Boogie Bounce classes please visit
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